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Lawyer With Extensive Understanding Of Workplace Accident Cases

Most workplace injuries are covered under workers’ compensation insurance. However, some workplace accidents are caused by a person other than an employer, coworker or manager, possibly allowing for compensation in addition to workers’ compensation benefits.

This situation could involve a motor vehicle accident during a delivery, errand or another duty performed outside the workplace, or a traffic accident while driving or occupying a company vehicle.

Did the injuries you sustained put you in a hospital, sidelined you from your job and saddled you with financial burdens you never thought were possible?

For workplace-related third-party claims, contact Troy A. Lanier, founder of the Troy A. Lanier, P.C., a personal injury lawyer.

Looking After Your Short-Term And Long-Term Needs

With Troy’s 25-plus years of experience as a lawyer on your side, you can feel confident that your rights, health and finances will be protected from further hardships. He will work with your workers’ compensation attorney, and he can advise on appropriate health care measures, investigate your workplace accident, pinpoint the negligent party, and both negotiate and litigate in your best interests.

Examples of settings that may involve third-party legal actions include:

  • Equipment and mechanical malfunctions
  • Motor vehicle accidents while on the job
  • Product defects and malfunctions
  • Power tool failures causing serious injury
  • Scaffolding and ladder collapses

The bottom line is this: if your injuries or a coworker’s wrongful death occurred because of negligence, or a clear failure to comply with health, safety or common industry standards, a third-party claim can provide compensation for medical costs, lost income, and your pain and suffering.

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