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Skilled Advocacy Of Injured Motorcyclists

Motorcyclists and their passengers are fully exposed to the elements, including careless behavior by surrounding motorists, many of whom illegally refuse to surrender a share of the road.

When a refusal to accommodate motorcycle drivers and riders results in a serious traffic accident, and equally serious injuries, negligent motorists, and their insurance companies are held accountable, the victim’s rights must be protected.

Pursuing Maximum Compensation

At the Troy A. Lanier, P.C., law firm, we have the lawyer who protects those rights, including the right to pursue maximum financial compensation that reflects accident-related losses: lost income, medical expenses, the cost of replacing a destroyed motorcycle, and damages for emotional trauma, and pain and suffering.

Were you seriously hurt and hospitalized after riding your motorcycle? Are you permanently disabled and unable to work at your job from now on? Was a relative killed in a motorcycle accident caused by a reckless driver?

If so, contact Troy A. Lanier, P.C., Troy A. Lanier has over 25 years of legal experience handling these types of cases. This dedicated personal injury attorney listens carefully to your version of what happened and investigates your motorcycle accident to pinpoint the negligent party. He confronts the motorist’s insurer with the facts of your case, and is always willing to convey that evidence and message to a judge and jury.

Quality Representation In Helping Make You Whole

To learn more about our quality services, delivered on a contingency fee basis (no recovery, no legal fees), call us in Augusta today at 706-550-1941 for a free initial consultation. We reply promptly to all email messages. Home visits are available upon request.