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Resolving Your Family’s Estate Dispute

Ideally, a loved one’s passing is followed by the smooth administration of an estate, including attention to a valid will, and timely distribution of assets and property to heirs.

This outcome is the ideal — not necessarily the reality. Many estates and probate proceedings prove to be problematic because family members often disagree as to how an estate should be handled due to a will that may be invalid, or the actions of a disgruntled heir or beneficiary.

At the Troy A. Lanier, P.C., estate litigation law firm in Augusta, Georgia, we routinely represent the interests of executors, administrators, heirs, trustees, beneficiaries and others connected to estate disputes.

Providing Dedicated Representation

Troy A. Lanier offers every benefit of his 25-plus years of experience as a lawyer, dedication to your goals and extensive legal knowledge that protects your rights. His law firm’s tradition of personal service assures you of open lines of communication and prompt answers to your questions.

Has your once-loving family become hopelessly divided over a disputed estate? Are these allegations or issues of incompetency or undue influence regarding the preparation of a will? Have accusations of fraud or misappropriation of funds made probate or trust litigation a foregone conclusion?

Attorney Troy A. Lanier carefully reviews all documents, “crunches the numbers,” examines motivations of various family members and performs his due diligence to locate common ground that may produce consensus. If an amicable conclusion to an estate dispute is not possible, he is fully prepared to represent one or more parties in the courtroom.

Troy serves as a county administrator for the Probate Court of Richmond County, and is regularly appointed to serve as a conservator or administrator by probate court judges in the Augusta, Georgia, area.

Has A Departed Loved One’s Estate Become A Probate Court Nightmare? We Can Help.

Your initial consultation at our law office is strictly confidential. Call us in Augusta at 706-550-1941 or stay online to reach us by email. We welcome the opportunity to help you in any way we can.