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Augusta FLSA Defense Lawyer

The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulates many employment matters such as minimum wage, overtime pay, and recordkeeping. Both public and private employers are required to comply with the provisions of the FLSA which requires that employees are paid at least minimum wage for all hours worked and are paid overtime pay at the rate of 150% of regular pay for hours worked in excess of 40 hours per week unless the employee meets the requirements of certain exemptions.

Failing to comply with the FLSA can expose your company to claims for back pay, damages equal to unpaid back pay, payment of an employee's attorneys' fees, and other costs. FLSA defense lawyer Troy Lanier can help you avoid inadvertent violations of the FLSA and defend your company against wage and overtime pay claims.

Augusta Wage & Hour Defense Attorney

Troy Lanier is an experienced Augusta wage and hour defense attorney who represents employers in FLSA cases.

Certain types of employees such as professional and administrative employees are exempt from the provisions of the FLSA. The classification of employees under the FLSA is complicated, and employers often inadvertently misclassify employees. Even these unintentional misclassifications can expose your business to liability. Troy Lanier has the knowledge and experience needed to provide sound legal advice to help you and your business avoid unintentional misclassifications of employees.

Augusta FLSA Defense for Employers

If violations of the FLSA have been alleged against your business, a knowledgeable overtime lawyer like Troy Lanier can help by vigorously defending against the claim and controlling the damage. He has the knowledge and experience to evaluate the merits of the claim and help business owners and managers make sound business decisions on how to proceed. When appropriate, he will negotiate a cost effective settlement that lets you get back to running your company.

For a free consultation with a Fair Labor Standards Act Lawyer in Augusta, contact Troy Lanier today!

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